Creative Beast Studio

David Silva has worked professionally as a sculptor in the toy industry for companies like NECA and McFarlane Toys. Silva went on to create his own line of action figures and resin model kits, focusing mainly on dinosaurs and prehistoric animals under his company Creative Beast Studio. Silva’s Creative Beast Studio has successfully funded multiple projects, including the Beasts of the Mesozoic. They are currently planning their Cyberzoic toy line featuring cyber-enhanced dinosaurs.

Four Horsemen Design

Four Horsemen Studios has created hundreds of award winning figures for Mattel for lines including Masters of the Universe, DC Universe Classics, Thundercats, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, and Man of Steel, to name a few. They have also worked for, and continue to work for, Super7, ToyBiz, NECA, Hasbro, Sideshow, Blizzard Entertainment, Warner Brothers Studio Stores, Playmates, and others on many of the most popular fan-favorite properties.

Starting in 2005, Four Horsemen Studios began creating their own in-house properties, designing and manufacturing multiple toys from their MagmaCorps, Gothitropolis, and Seventh Kingdom lines. These properties have yielded a variety of figures that have amassed a fan base across the globe. In early 2015, Four Horsemen Studios unleashed Mythic Legions on the toy collecting world. This collector and customizer friendly fantasy line of knights, dwarves, orcs, skeletons, and more quickly became a huge hit with toy fans worldwide.

Mego Corp

Mego was originally founded in 1954 by Dave Abrams, Marty Abrams (now commonly known as “the father of action figures”) took the helm of the company in 1971 and shifted the direction to licensed action figures which included super heroes, celebrity dolls, and Micronauts. Mego became famous for their 8” scale figures with interchangeable bodies.

Mego Corporation re-launched in 2018 with a partnership between Marty Abrams and Joel Rosenzweig, focusing on action figures and launching with popular licenses from lines such as Star Trek, DC Comics, Universal Monsters, and many more.


The Nacelle Company, founded by Brian Volk Weiss, is an American diversified media company established in 2017. They are a leader in the pop-culture space through scripted and unscripted production, podcasting, publishing, records, distribution, development, and now toys! And returning as part of Nacelle’s Very Important Toy line comes Robo Force. These 7.5 inch tall, fully articulated, deluxe action figures are packaged in their own collector-friendly, Graphine – inspired window-boxes and are sure to turn your childhood memories of Robo Force into all-new, out of this world adventures.