Thank you!

It’s hard to believe Power-Con 2018 was a week ago. 2018’s attendance was the best yet, with us selling out of tickets BOTH Saturday and Sunday, maxing out how many people can be in the hotel ballroom in a day. It’s a true testament to the power of our fandom and how our passion helps keep He-Man and She-Ra alive year after year. Combine that with amazing products from Mattel, Super7, the Four Horsemen and many other licensed vendors, and we continue to see one amazing show after another. I’m thrilled Power-Con can help celebrate that, thanks to your support!

This year’s Power-Con focused on the 30th anniversary of Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, and the 10th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the programming and guests who helped celebrate those anniversaries.

So this leaves us with a question. What do we do next? Originally we were going to reveal our plan to skip 2019. But the attendee input during this year’s Power-Con about wanting the show to continue annually has blown us away. We’re going to discuss this over the next month and announce our plans soon on if Power-Con will continue in 2019 or skip to 2020. So if you want the show to return for 2019, please reply to our social media posts, or e-mail us directly, and let us know!

This show wouldn’t exist without the hard work and dedication of our volunteer staff and fan volunteers, along with the support of talented guests, informative press, and excellent exhibitors with their wide range of fantastic offerings. But most importantly, the show thrives on the support of all the non-attendees who purchase our exclusives and especially the patronage of so many great attendees who take part in Power-Con. You all are amazing, and the warmth and friendliness you all bring to the show makes Power-Con not just a convention experience, but also a fan reunion. Thank you all so much!

For everyone who attended, if you had a great time, please spread the word! Let other fans know what the show is like. Word-of-mouth is our biggest advertising tool, and we hope as many He-Man and She-Ra fans possible from across the globe will come out to experience what makes Power-Con so special for so many people.

So let the planning for the next Power-Con begin! And we recommend signing up to our mailing list so you won’t miss out on important announcements about dates and information. Please click here to subscribe.
And we hope to see you all at the next show in… 2019? 2020? You let us know!

Val Staples
Power-Con, Event Director