Customer Service stock on sale soon!

CS stock is typically a small quantity of extra product to cover defects for items claimed at Power-Con. Due to that, it has not been cost effective in previous years to setup a new sales event to sell a limited number of CS items, and instead has been sold off to resellers. But for 2019, we’re going to give this a shot and offer CS stock up to fans. This is an experiment to see if this is a viable option for future Power-Con events. If it ends up being cost prohibitive due to lack of interest and/or expense, it won’t be something we can continue to offer.

There’s also one big caveat about offering the CS stock for 2019, and that’s the payment for shipping. A shipping calculator feature is not currently available through our ticket vendor. So if you plan to purchase any of our CS stock, payment for shipping will:
• have to be made after the initial purchase of exclusives
• have to be made via PayPal using the Friend/Family option so we do not get hit with PayPal fees, as we are not adding anything extra to the cost of shipping. No other option other than PayPal can be used, so you have to have that available to you in order to pay shipping costs
• cover shipping through USPS for all domestic and international shipments
• have to include extra for insurance. We are making this mandatory for both your and our protection against damages that might happen during shipping
• be the amount of whatever the total shipping and insurance charge comes to, as we won’t know the cost of shipping until your items are packaged, weighed and the price calculated for your destination. Do not order the exclusives if you are not comfortable accepting a yet-to-be-determined shipping cost

Here are some examples of the average domestic USA costs of exclusives shipped via USPS. These may vary depending on your location inside the USA:
• Horde Zombie He-Man x1 = $10.23
• Horde Zombie He-Man x2 = $13.10
• Slamurai & Snake Trooper 3-Pack x1 = $15.59
• Slamurai & Snake Trooper 3-Pack x2 = $25.95
• Horde Zombie He-Man x1, Slamurai & Snake Trooper 3-Pack x1 = $22.70
• 12″ Starburst She-Ra x1 = $48.75 priority or $19.75 ground
• Horde Zombie He-Man x1, Slamurai & Snake Trooper 3-Pack x1, 12″ Starburst She-Ra x1 = $60.10 priority or $24.97 ground
• Shadow Weaver vs She-Ra 2-Pack x1 =  $45.15 priority or $19.70 ground
• Mega Construx Battle Bones x1 = $45.15 priority or $14.32 ground

International shipping is going to be what it is: very expensive. We wish we could do more about that, but we’re at the mercy of whatever the USPS charges.

We’ll have prices of the figures and the sale date posted next week.
Please note that the figures will be offered at our day-of-sale prices from this past Power-Con. Given the already slim profit margins of the exclusives, we should be adding extra to the cost of each figure in order to cover the labor for packing and shipping. But we’re going to absorb that cost for this experiment just to see what happens.

Keep an eye out for more information next week!