Building out the Universe: Mega Construx Panel

We thank all of you who participated in Power-Con 2020 Online!
And for those who missed out, or just want to relive the experience, we’ll be posting the panel videos on this site for you to watch.

We kick things off with Building out the Universe: MEGA CONSTRUX Panel

Panelists: Sr. MEGA Construx Product Designers Felipe and Kevin
Moderator: “Pixel Dan” Eardley
Thanks to MEGA CONSTRUX, He-Fans and She-Ravers have the power to build their own amazing universe. And now that universe is expanding further. Not only will the design team reveal the coveted Spring ’21 line of toys, but they’ll be discussing MOTU behind-the-scenes, including the design process and what makes MOTU collectors building sets stand apart in the toy aisle. Join us and build the power!