BigBadToyStore link to pre-order exclusive book combo

The Toy Guide is due to be released this April 27th and Power-Con will have the Toy Guide AND the exclusive Character Guide Supplemental in-hand around that time! We will begin shipping once the books arrive.

The Power-Con exclusive combo of the Toy Guide and the Character Guide Supplemental is the only way the team who made these books will get compensated. The Supplemental is not planned to be reprinted and we do not know if it will get a digital release.
The price for the combo on BBTS is $119.99 plus S/H,
and the price for the combo on Power-Con is $90.00 plus S/H.

Power-Con is still the better price for USA orders,
but international fans may want to pre-order at BBTS. Even with BBTS’s higher price for the combo, their combined price of the combo and international shipping might save money for international fans.

Click here to pre-order through Power-Con,
and click here to pre-order through BBTS.

If you want just the Toy Guide, US fans can click here to pre-order it on Amazon. But please note the creative team only gets compensated if you order the combo. So we hope you will consider pre-ordering that instead.
No matter what, thank you for your support of these books and of Power-Con!