Power-Con updates: Non-Attendee pre-sale, Exhibitors, hotel rooms, book combos, and more!

We have a number of important Power-Con updates:

1.  Non-Attendee pre-sales begin tomorrow, Saturday, May 22nd at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern time, on our Tickets & Exclusives page of this site.
If you are planning to participate in this pre-sale, please be sure to read our FAQ for answers to many of your questions! Please pay extra attention to the part in the FAQ about the cost of shipping. Shipping will be expensive when ordering directly from Power-Con! We wish it wasn’t, but that’s how it is. The FAQ addresses this in more detail.

2. Exhibitor space at Power-Con 2021:
Vendor space is selling quickly. About 75% is already claimed, and we are waiting on a lot of potential vendors to respond. If you are interested in exhibiting at Power-Con, please send us a vendor inquiry before space is sold out. Thank you!

3. Hotel rooms:
These were sold out. We were not expecting that to happen so quickly. We were able to add a small number of rooms to our hotel block. After these sell out, you will need to book your room directly at the Hilton Anaheim through their website, or book a room at a nearby hotel. Thank you!

4. Volunteers & Press:
We have received a huge number of Press and Volunteer applicants. We will reply to everyone once the dust settles on the initial Non-Attendee pre-sale. Thank you to everyone who reached out to help as a Volunteer or to cover the show as Press!

5. Book combos shipped:
As of today, all but six orders for the Toy Guide & exclusive Character Guide supplemental have been shipped. We will have the last few orders out the door on Monday if all goes to plan. Thank you to everyone who purchased those combos and for supporting the creative team on those books. We really appreciate your patience during shipping.

6. Guests at the show:
Guest announcements are starting soon! And the guest announcements will continue as we count down the days to the convention.

We hope to see you at the show this September 11th and 12th in Anaheim, California. And thank you to everyone for your support of Power-Con!