Double billings and their impending reversal

Some of you may have noticed a recent double-billing for your Power-Con exclusives.

We spoke with our bank about this. Based on what we were told, there was an error processing a batch of transactions. After the error occurred, the batch was resubmitted… twice. We have no idea why this would happen. It must have been human error by the bank.

As a result some people were accidentally double-billed. This matter has been escalated at our bank for resolution but we were told it will still take one or two business days to resolve. Why they can’t fix the mistake as quickly as they made it is beyond us, and it’s very frustrating.

Even though this is a mistake made entirely by the bank, it’s still not okay and we’re extremely sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone in any way. Please keep an eye on your account, as this double-billing should be fixed within one or two business days, after which you should see the funds returned to your account.

That said, if you have immediate need of the funds, we suggest calling your credit card company or bank and dispute the double-billing charge. This way your bank or card company should be able to return the double-billed funds to you quickly, and you also don’t risk being charged any fees or penalties. Please be sure to only dispute the recent double-billing (if you received one)! If you dispute all recent Power-Con charges, you will lose your original order. And again, our apologies that this happened in the first place.