Teaser: Power-Con 2023 exclusive “Smart” Mark Sterling from Major Bendies

Say hello to the sixteenth teaser for our Power-Con 2023 exclusives: “Smart” Mark Sterling from Major Bendies

As the most famous professional wrestling lawyer, he does it all, very SMART! “Smart” Mark Sterling is here in a brand new sculpt from the amazing Major Bendies wrestling figure line. Done in a style similar to vintage 5″ bendy wrestling figures, you don’t have to be a genius like Mark to know this exclusive is a must-have wrestling figure.

And why a “Smart” Mark Sterling figure? That’s because the producer of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast will be attending Power-Con 2023. This is a chance to pre-order a very limited Major Bendies figure and have the talent sign it directly. More details about “Smart” Mark Sterling’s guest appearance at Power-Con will be coming soon.

This is just a teaser of this incredible figure. Stay tuned for more details about this exclusive and all things Power-Con.