Teaser: Power-Con 2023 exclusive from Zoloworld

Say hello to the seventh teaser for our Power-Con 2023 exclusives: Nekrus from Tales of the Zoloverse by Zoloworld

Nekrus, the Elemental Force, acquired a fragment of the legendary Amon Stone. He took it to a stygian forge, where the magical artifact became a powerful weapon. Slayer, the Dark Defender, was waiting for him as he exited the forge. But when the two locked in combat, the Amon Fragment was dropped. The stone’s instability created a vortex that pulled both warriors inside. Will they escape? Only you can decide!

Nekrus comes with an interchangeable translucent Zoloworld head and body, large battle axe, metal chains, cloth garment, Amon Stone fragment with hilt, and comes in a window box featuring artwork by Chris Faccone.

This is just a teaser of this incredible figure. Stay tuned for more details about this exclusive and all things Power-Con.