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Attendee pre-sales are now online!

Click here to pre-order your Attendee passes and exclusives for Power-Con 2019! Pre-sales for Attendees end April 7th, 2019. Exclusives are subject to sell-out.
Exhibitor, Press, & Volunteer registration inquiries are also now online! Please click the appropriate section from our menu.

Non-Attendee pre-sales via our resale partners begin Monday, April 8th, 2019. Links to our resellers products will be posted then. Any unsold exclusives will be made available through them at this time.

If you are a Non-Attendee looking for an alternative to our resellers, please check out our Attendee-to-Non-Attendee option where trusted Attendees are picking up exclusives for Non-Attendees at a small mark-up. Be sure to explore that now, though, as this option only lasts while the Attendee pre-sale window is open. Click here for more info.

Please note: Attendees are people attending the convention and will pick up all pre-purchased items at the show. Non-Attendees are fans who will not be coming to the convention but are looking to obtain the Power-Con exclusives.

We look forward to seeing you this August 17th & 18th in Anaheim, California for a powerful weekend of fun!

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Earl Norem MOTU wrapping paper exclusive

We have one last surprise exclusive for Power-Con 2019! And that is MOTU wrapping paper painted by the late Earl Norem.

This is an item fans have wanted for decades after seeing the pattern published in USA Masters of the Universe magazine. The Norem family will receive a portion of the proceeds from this officially licensed item.

Each roll measures 30″ x 120″ (25 square feet), and will cost $20.00 for Power-Con Attendees. This is a one-time release, so it will be made-to-order. If you’re like us, you will want to stock up on multiple rolls to have to use in years to come! Attendee pre-sales for the wrapping paper start tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th, at 9:00am Pacific, along with all other Attendee tickets & exclusives.

If you are a Non-Attendee, you will have two options outside of Power-Con to purchase these.
• The first is through our resale partner BigBadToyStore. On April 8th, they will offer each roll for $31.99. They could technically offer it now since it’s a made-to-order item, but they will be offering their Power-Con 2019 exclusives all at the same time.
• The second is through our Attendee-to-Non-Attendee option, where you can order through trusted Attendees for a small mark-up on price. Please click here for more info in our March 6th post.
• S.P.A.C.E. in Germany will not be offering these due to the size of the rolls and how that will affect their shipping costs.

Get ready to make the holidays more powerful than ever with this amazing gift wrapping paper!

Click on thumbnail to see image at full size

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Attendees helping Non-Attendees with Power-Con exclusives

While BBTS and S.P.A.C.E. are our resale partners, one avenue Non-Attendees might want to explore is Attendees who can obtain the Power-Con exclusives for them.

In fact, there are already several Attendees offering to help out Non-Attendees for a small markup. Please note that these pre-orders are between you and the Attendee, and are not the responsibility of Power-Con. There is also a limit on how many Non-Attendees they can help, so don’t waste time reaching out to them if you are an interested Non-Attendee.

Please check out these posts on the He-ManOrg marketplace:
1. luge311 (a reputable eBay seller, volunteer at Power-Con, and seller who has helped Power-Con for a couple years with Non-Attendee Customer Service needs)
2. bat4life1 (a reputable retailer who has had a retailer booth at Power-Con for many years)
3. Shecky (a reputable Org Marketplace buyer/seller who has been selling for years)
4. Count Judas (a reputable Org Marketplace buyer/seller who has been selling for years)

To send a Private Message to one of these Attendees on the He-ManOrg forums, you will need to be a Registered member of those forums. For new users, please first read this thread about access to the He-ManOrg marketplace, then click here to Register on those forums.

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