Non-ticket or non-pass items sold by Power-Con (known as Exclusives) are shown as paint masters, digital mockups, or control art that represents the proposed design of the product. You acknowledge and agree that the actual product purchased may vary from what is depicted on the Power-Con website, online, and during checkout.

By entering your payment information and completing this order, you hereby agree to pay the total specified. You agree that all items are sold as-is, that all sales are final, taxes apply where applicable, and that there are no refunds or exchanges unless otherwise stated on our website's FAQ.

You understand and accept that Power-Con will attempt to ship all Non-Attendee pre-orders shipped within 60 days after Power-Con ends on August 13th, 2023. Power-Con will ship Non-Attendee orders sooner if possible. You understand and accept that how quickly Power-Con ships also depends on everything being in-stock. You understand and accept that there is always a possibility that there could be one or more factory delays, and that there may also be one or more delays in shipping. You understand and accept that if your order contains an item that has not yet arrived by the time Power-Con starts shipping orders, then Power-Con will wait until all items are in-stock before shipping your order.

You agree that after your package is marked by the courier as delivered, that you then have 30 calendar days to contact Power-Con to discuss a severe factory error or defect with your purchased exclusive. Power-Con will accept no further requests once that 30 calendar day window has passed. Even though Power-Con will review requests sent within that 30 calendar day window, you understand and accept the exclusives are sold as-is, are non-refundable, and all sales are final.

You agree to all additional terms, conditions and information outlined at https://thepower-con.com/info-faq/

You understand and accept that Power-Con reserves the right to modify the rules, regulations, and code of conduct at any time.

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