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Q. As a Non-Attendee, how many of each exclusive can I order?
A. Limits on exclusives vary by item per order. Limits will be listed on the Non-Attendee pre-sale page and will be very similar to Attendee limits.

Q. I already placed my order, but I decided I’d like to add some additional exclusives. Is it possible to do this?
A. There is no way to add additional items if you have already placed your order. Sorry!

Q. Are we paying in full or just reserving exclusives?
A. All exclusives are paid in-full, at the time of your pre-order. The entire purchase will be charged to your account the moment you complete your transaction.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. For online payments, we accept credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
No other payment methods are accepted.

Q. If you make some exclusives available early to Non-Attendees, but then you offer more exclusives after Power-Con ends, can I order the other exclusives and combine my order to save on S/H (shipping and handling)?
A. Yes. If that happens, where you were able to order some exclusives during pre-sale, then order other exclusives after Power-Con has ended, we will work with you to “combine” your order so you pay a possible reduced S/H rate.

Q. What can I expect with S/H charges?
A. Expect S/H to be expensive. We’ve always been transparent about this.

We’re not a major online company that owns its own fleet of shipping vehicles and can offer free shipping. We’re also not a major online toy retailer who can charge really low flat fees because we can make up some of the shipping difference with a mark-up on the product itself. 

That means we will be charging you:
• shipping from USPS or UPS, whichever you prefer on checkout
• a small price increase on each exclusive to replace the cost of an Attendee pass
• another small price increase on each exclusive to cover the labor we have to pay to pack and ship items
• a small fee to cover shipping materials (included in the Shipping and Handling)
• a small fee to cover the cost of insurance (included in the Shipping and Handling)
And for international fans, we will be declaring the full value of the items. We won’t risk being levied fines and other penalties just to help a customer avoid paying the full custom duties and value-added taxes (VAT).
You’re only alternative is to find an Attendee who may be able to pre-order the exclusives for you.

Q. Why are you charging a small price increase on each exclusive to replace the cost of an Attendee pass?
A. In the past, we used to charge Non-Attendees what we called a Merchandise Access Pass (MAP). This flat fee helped cover convention expenses along with the profits from the sales of exclusives. There was only one MAP fee per order. But, we later felt we could find a better way to supplement the loss of an Attendee pass in a Non-Attendee order, while offering a more balanced distribution of costs to customers who only want one exclusive compared to customers who wanted multiple exclusives. So instead, we’ve opted to make a small mark-up to each exclusive to help cover the loss of Attendee pass sales to Non-Attendees.

Q. Why do I have to pay a labor fee?
A. The profit from exclusives sales goes towards the convention. But those profits do not cover getting the inventory from the convention to the shipper, managing physical inventory, packing exclusives, processing shipments and e-mailing notifications, fielding customer service inquiries, etc. All of that adds considerable expense. So those expenses have to be added to the S/H costs for Non-Attendees.

Q. With all these fees, I might pay less on the secondary market! So why should I order through you?
A. That is completely up to the individual. We do not know what the after-market price will be on any of these exclusives. It may turn out that it is, in fact, cheaper for you to wait and buy the exclusives elsewhere online.
Ordering through us directly helps the convention. But if that does not matter to you and you seek to save as much money as possible, we encourage you to explore your options and choose what you feel is best.

Q. When will my order ship?
A. We hope to have all Non-Attendee pre-orders shipped within 60 days after Power-Con ends. We will ship Non-Attendee orders sooner if possible. But how quickly we ship also depends on everything being in-stock. There is always a possibility that there could be one or more factory delays. There may also be one or more delays in shipping. We have worked hard with timing to try and prevent this, but anything is possible when it comes to delays. So if you placed a pre-order, and your order contains an item that has not yet arrived by the time we start shipping orders, then we will wait until ALL items are in-stock before we ship your order.

Q. Can I cancel a Non-Attendee purchase?
A. No. All orders are final. So please do not purchase from us unless you are sure it is what you want to do.

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