Last Updated: 13 July 2019



J Larry Carroll has had a long and eclectic career as a writer, producer, and director. He began as an editor on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and his television writing credits range from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Walker, Texas Ranger. Carroll’s numerous animation writing credits include both the original He-Man from Filmation and the New Adventures of He-Man.

Mark DiCamillo spent a decade at Mattel Toys in engineering, design, and marketing. While at Mattel he worked on such notable brands as He-Man, Hot Wheels, Mighty Max, Bravestarr and Intellivision. He is also the creator of the He-Man Powersword, one of the most successful “boys brand” child-sized toys ever made.

Axel Giménez has contributed design work to the Masters of the Universe Classics line and illustrated a number of MOTUC minicomics as well as stories for DC Comics. He has most recently done much of the character artwork for Super7 on both the Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull toy lines.

Errol McCarthy was an underground comic book artist who got his start at Mattel thanks to an invite from designer Mark Taylor. McCarthy worked on card art and licensing artwork for Masters of the Universe for much of the 80s line and has done more artwork recently for Super7.

Francis Moss has worked on She-Ra: Princess of Power, Iron Man, Ducktales, and many of the top animated shows of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. This includes a four-year stint on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For He-Man fans, he was a story editor on Jetlag’s The New Adventures of He-Man and wrote several episodes of the series.

Jack Olesker has a career that spans nearly four decades. He has written, produced and directed over twelve hundred episodes of television and eighteen movies, and published seven novels. As Senior Story Editor at DIC Entertainment and Jetlag Productions, he was responsible for writing, creating and story-editing such popular television series as The New Adventures of He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Brothers, and many others.

Roger Sweet worked as a lead designer at Mattel in the 70s and 80s. He is best known for his figure mock-ups pitched for the action figure line concept that went on to become Masters of the Universe, and is credited for creating the name “He-Man” that become the moniker for the Most Powerful Man in the Universe.

Rebecca Taylor is the former Creative Director at LJN Toys, who also did freelance packaging and fashion design for Barbie. But He-Man fans know her best for her labels and stickers on various Mattel “Boys Toys” including the stickers adorning Castle Grayskull for Masters of the Universe.

Mark Taylor was one of the original toy designers to work on Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line. He was key in helping to create the look for the first group of figures ever released, including the iconic He-Man and Skeletor. Taylor’s MOTU illustrations have inspired artists and fans for years.

In 2005, Freddie E Williams II began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award winning series Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle. He has illustrated several of fun and improbable crossovers such as The New York Times best-selling “Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. But MOTU and POP fans know him best for his work on “He-Man / ThunderCats” and “Injustice VS Masters of The Universe” from DC Comics.



Demetrius Holt is a cosplayer with a vision and goal of ensuring the proliferation of minority representation within mainstream media. His cosplay ranges from Kratos, the God of War to Sub-Zero, the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei ninja clan of Mortal Kombat. He hopes to bring the realization that children of all ethnicities can be the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. Follow him on Instagram, and Facebook.

Alkali Layke will be returning to Power-Con! Layke, or Ally as she’s known to her fans, got her start in cosplay after appearing at a convention as a special effects makeup artist. Ally’s cosplay include She-Ra, WonderFETT (mashup), HarleyPOOL (another mashup), and many more. And she has something new in store for Power-Con 2019! Follow her on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Stephanie Michelle’s work is deeply rooted in anime and often referred to as “the internet’s waifu” by her fans. Stephanie has been featured as a cover model on the first ever issue of Cosplay Culture magazine, and was a featured cosplay guest on The Phillip DeFranco show. Follow her on Facebook.

Martin Ruffer is a Germany-based collector of 1987 Masters of the Universe movie props. But fans know him best for his elaborate full-body cosplay that focuses primarily on a vintage action figure aesthetic.

Zabracus (Zaah-Bruh-Cuss) is a level 26 cosplay nerd whose cosplay repertoire includes (S)He-Man, Snow White, Goku, Poison Ivy, and many more. She is also streams on Twitch, where she shares her love of video games and cosplay. Follow her on InstagramFacebookTwitchTwitter, and YouTube.