Power-Con 2018 – Cosplay Contest video

Cosplay embodies the creativity of fans, who spend countless hours making toy and cartoon character designs a reality! Come see those cosplayers bring their He-Man and She-Ra creations to life on the stage before your eyes.
Master of Ceremonies: “Pixel Dan” Eardley
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

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Preliminary details for Power-Con 2019

The plan is to start pre-sales of tickets and exclusives on Saturday, March 9th at 12:00pm Eastern Time (UTC -5).
Prices to be announced in the near future.
Prices are in USD.

This year’s main focus is on the 30th anniversary of the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon and toy line, and the brand new She-Ra: Princesses of Power cartoon currently on Netflix! And we’ll have a few other things mixed in here or there for MOTU and POP fans.
For She-Ra fans, we’re not going to go too heavy on the new She-Ra for 2019 just because 2020 is the 35th anniversary of the 80s She-Ra. Because of that, we plan to have a She-Ra extravaganza in 2020 celebrating both the vintage and the new She-Ra. But we still wanted to have some awesome guests and programming centered around the new She-Ra cartoon at the 2019 convention as its important to celebrate this brand new era of POP awesomeness!

Hotel reservations will start soon. We have a discounted room block. We expect it to fill up fast.
Discounted rates will be $ 169.00 for a standard room with a king bed, or two queen beds, plus fees & taxes. By comparison, it was $ 147.00 per night at the Torrance Marriott in 2018. So not a huge increase considering the hotel, what it offers, and its location.
Like in previous years, in order to keep people from sitting on rooms because they aren’t sure if they will attend, the first night’s room charge will occur when you make your reservation and it is non-refundable.
Also, if we sell out of our discounted room block, we will try to expand the block a second time. But there’s no guarantees this can happen.

We will be reaching out to prior year exhibitors soon for early reservation on tables and booths. 
Then we will open up table and booth registration to new exhibitors the same time Attendee pre-orders go live.

We hope to have Volunteer and Press registration go live the same time as Attendee pre-orders.
Volunteers and Press need to buy their Attendee passes ahead of time. Like last year, Press who have approved applications will have their Attendee pass purchase refunded. And, Volunteers who complete their schedules will receive reimbursements based on our hourly credit rate.

The cosplay contest will return, and we will have $ 1000.00 worth of cash prizes; possibly an increase in the total value amount as well as the number of cash prizes. If you are a cosplayer planning to attend the show, start planning your outfits now! They must be based on the He-Man and She-Ra universe. All current and past canons are acceptable source material. Mash-up concepts are welcome as long as they are one-part MOTU or POP. All costumes must be all-ages friendly.

Power-Con is a harassment-free show. Don’t make us send the Royal Guard after you, because we won’t hesitate to do so. “Be excellent to each other!” 

At this time, there are three exclusive items.
1. a MOTUC Collector’s Choice 3-pack. The price will be $ 165.00
2. a MOTUC Collector’s Choice single figure release. The price will be $ 55.00
3. a special collectible figure item (not MOTUC CC or CG). The price will be $ 50.00
• Exact details on what these figures are will be revealed in the near future.
• A couple other items might be announced. If they are not for pre-sale, then they will be for sale at the show, and probably only available at Power-Con.
• All Collector’s Choice figures will be repaints (no new sculpting or tooling), with some soft goods items here or there.

We realize the pricing on exclusives will be a sticking point for some of you, which we completely understand. So to address some of those concerns now:
• Yes, the price has gone up on the figures. The main reason for the price bump is a lower production quantity. As a result, that means a higher production cost.
• Also, there will be a fixed quantity this year, hence the lower production quantity. Meaning, it’s not made-to-order. The main reason for this is because we’re so close to the show dates that we had to set a quantity so the factory could slot them in for production. As a result, these items will be made available for pre-order to Attendees first. Then, once the Attendee pre-sale window ends, the balance will be made available for pre-order to Non-Attendees through our resale partners. This is similar to Power-Con 2016. We do not know the length of the pre-sale window at this time, but we should know it soon.
• Attendees should not count on these being available at the show so they should pre-order any desired items.
• Payment for Attendees is due in full at the time the pre-order is made, as in prior years.
• Payment for Attendee pre-orders will be accepted in the form of the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We will not accept PayPal, eCheck, or any other form of payment for pre-orders.

If you plan to come, and want things that might go quickly (like a hotel room, or a Power Pass, etc), and don’t want to miss out on times, dates, links, etc, then we encourage you all to sign up to our mailing list if you have not done so already! This will be the best way to get notices and important info that you don’t want to miss.
Click here to subscribe to the mailing list.
We hope to see you at Power-Con 2019!

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Power-Con’s 2019 location will be revealed very soon!

Pixel Dan will be revealing details on Power-Con’s 2019 venue in the near future. He’s going to give you info on the location, what it has to offer, and a visual walk-through of what to expect so you can come to the show armed with knowledge. Keep an eye out for that early next week or, if we’re lucky, even sooner!
If you haven’t done so yet, please click here to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on important updates. And we hope to see you at the show in August!

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