Multiple updates from Power-Con

We here at Power-Con have multiple updates for you! We are covering seven topics:
1. The Power-Con 2020 online event
2. Random winners from the online event
3. Shipping & address updates for Power-Con 2020 exclusives
4. International shipping for the exclusive Power-Con book combo
5. The Jason Olson auctions on eBay
6. Power-Con 2021
7. Power-Con’s own toy line

The Power-Con 2020 online event
Please accept our apologies for taking so long to post all of this! It’s been three months since the online event. We cannot believe how fast time has gone by. We got slammed with projects, including finishing up the official He-Man & She-Ra toy guide that’s coming from Dark Horse Books in 2021. We hope you will accept our humble apology for this very overdue THANK YOU!

The 2020 event went fantastic! We are so grateful for all of you who participated. It means a lot that you took time out of your daily life to join other fans to see and hear news about current and upcoming MOTU offerings from Mattel and its partners.

The virtual show room was way more popular than we expected. That was a test to see what you all would think of a virtual room where you could interact with videos and images. We had a massive turn out for that room over the weekend! The design team worked very hard to make that fun, and Mattel and its partners offered some cool content for you to enjoy. It went over so well that were are looking at building a much bigger and more elaborate online room for 2021. We can’t say much about it at this time, but we’re looking at ways to include puzzles and hidden mysteries!

Then there were the online panels. The turnout was outstanding. Fans from across the world came to see what was being shown and discussed! The Q&A sessions were a lot of fun and we were thrilled you had a direct line of communication to the current creators of MOTU product. As a result, we are exploring a way to again offer different types of livestreaming experiences for the 2021 panels.

As we talked about before, the 2020 event was free to give you all a taste. For 2021, we anticipate charging something to attend. But any fees will be tied to the type of online participation. We want you to feel you will get your money’s worth. More info on that will be coming in 2021. And again, thank you to everyone who joined us.

Random winners from the event
As you may recall, each panel had random winners. Some prizes will be shipped in the future when they are available (like the Power-Con book combo which won’t come out until March or April 2021). Other items may have already shipped. Here is a list of winners who were okay with us sharing their info online. Thank you to all who participated!

Welcome to Power-Con panel
• Gil Alvarado
• Zeke Rivera
• Milla L.
• Anne Hunter
• Brent McMillan

Building out the Universe: Mega Construx Panel
• Tony Dinh
• Susana Topete
• Erin Gutierrez
• Gary Spisak

By the Power of Preschool: Imaginext and Little People Panel
• Riccardo Zenari
• Pablo Aviles
• Ryan Hendrickson
• D. Dazo

Masters of the Universe Tabletop RPG Reveal
• Mikey Holloway
• Erik Nielsen
• Tyler Swain
• S. Goggin
• Star Dell’Era

Guiding Fans Through He-Man and She-Ra Panel
• Chris Haley
• Christopher Roy
• Guido Sanchez
• Mark Chase

Masters of the Multiverse Panel
• David Nguyen
• Bernardo Jimenez Mesa
• Craig DeGraff
• Todd Killinger

From Origins into the Masterverse: Mattel Action Figures Panel
• Joshua Benson
• Nicky Powell
• Johnathon McDowell
• Jack Levinson
• J. Morton

Shipping & address updates for Power-Con 2020 exclusives
The 2020 exclusives are almost here! Once they all clear customs and are shipped to our facility, they should be ready to ship by mid-December. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Two days ago we sent an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered that is about updating their shipping address. Many of you have already replied. So if this applies to you, please look for that e-mail in your Inbox or possibly your Spam folder. Once you open the e-mail, please read the instructions and reply by the date indicated.

And if you have not done it already, please subscribe to our mailing list! Have important information sent directly to your Inbox. Don’t miss out on another important Power-Con update! Click here to subscribe.

International shipping for the exclusive Power-Con book combo
We are aware that some international fans have been unable to purchase the Power-Con exclusive Toy Guide & Character Guide Supplemental combo due to the cost of shipping.

Shipping costs are something we cannot control. Amazon’s free shipping and the efforts of sellers on eBay to match Amazon with “free shipping” have led many people to believe that shipping is cheap. But that is far from the case. Shipping costs continue to rise year-to-year. And international shipping is the most expensive. The book combo is approximately a 12 pound box which means it has to ship USPS Priority International. This is the cheapest method available to us and even that is extremely costly. The shipping cart for the book combo pulls directly from current USPS rates.

That said, we are still trying to find a few fans who can help with reshipping from various countries. We have someone in Germany and someone in the UK who may be able to help. The shipping will still be expensive, but every dollar saved helps! If the reshipping option comes together, then we will work with people from Germany and the UK who already pre-ordered through our store. We will post information soon once we have the details ironed out.

The book combo is about 50% sold out and the books will not arrive for shipping until March or April. So there’s still plenty of time to order yours. While we can’t make guarantees how long these will stay in stock for pre-order, we have warned fans that once Power-Con exclusives sell out, they almost always go up in value and become hard to get! And this is the case for nearly all Power-Con exclusives from the past, with some fetching two to three times their original price on the aftermarket. So if you are interested in this combo, don’t miss out! Please click here to pre-order.

The Jason Olson auctions on eBay
We recently lost Jason Olson, a fellow fan. Those in our community who knew Jason thought very highly of him. Jason was also a huge collector. He had a home full of fantastic items. But this left his family with no clue of what they had, or what to do with it. We at Power-Con and He-Man.Org did not want to see his family taken advantage of and we also wanted to help them in their time of need. So we have worked with the family to list his collection for auction on eBay.

There are all sorts of things to be found. From DC Collectibles, to He-Man, to comic books, and much more, Jason was a well-rounded fan who loved many things. Many items are loose but were taken care of and displayed with affection.

Given the size of Jason’s collection, we are going through and taking some time to analyze what he has. As a result, we’ll be listing 50 to 100 items per week. Therefore, his collection could take around six months to list at auction. New batches will be listed every Monday. Auctions are live right now!

If you would like to own some great items that were cherished by a fellow fan, and help out Jason’s loved ones in the process, please check the link below on every Monday and thank you for supporting Jason’s family.
Click here to bid on items from Jason’s collection.

Power-Con 2021
Planning for 2021 is moving forward and hope remains strong! Everyone wants to get back to a sense of normalcy. But your safety is more important. So we will follow the guidelines set in place by California as we gear up for the show. Hopefully we’ll all be back together September 11 & 12, 2021!

2020 was already going to be a big year. And after the online event, there is more interest in Power-Con than ever before! 2021 will have important panels, more vendors, amazing guests, and the addition of programming for children and families. Also, those of us at Power-Con got an early look at the 2021 exclusives. Wow! We thought Mattel couldn’t top 2020 but we were definitely wrong! We have no doubt you will be excited for the 2021 exclusives when those are eventually revealed.

Power-Con’s own toy line
This is an announcement that may surprise some of you, but it will make a lot of sense to many fans.

Power-Con is fan-built. While it has a focus on a love for He-Man and She-Ra, Power-Con has always supported indy projects from within our community. Outstanding fan comics and toy lines have been featured at Power-Con over the years and many have been very successful.

In order to remain fan-focused for years to come, Power-Con needs its own toy line that embodies our fandom. It won’t be a He-Man and She-Ra toy line because we have Mattel to make those awesome toys! Instead, this will be a unique line for the fans of He-Man, She-Ra, and other related types of toy lines.

A big aspect of this line is that it will be created in part from fan feedback. From the genre, to the level of articulation, to the packaging, to the style, every bit of this line will be created using fan influence. Your feedback from polls is what will shape this line from start to finish.

And for the polling, we will use data from the fans who support Power-Con. One thing we learned from He-Man.Org polls in the past is fans who make a purchase are the ones who want to influence how that money is spent. So when shaping the initial look of this line, we will be polling all the fans who have supported Power-Con in 2019 and 2020 with ticket and exclusive purchases directly from Power-Con.

Another factor where we will aim to make this Power-Con indy line more fan-oriented is the price. While making money is great, we also don’t want to price anyone out of supporting this line. Therefore, we will be experimenting with what we call “sliding scale funding.” What this means is we will distribute all costs across a variable quantity of figures. Starting out this will just be one or two figures, but we hope it will be a big success and grow well beyond that. Because the sliding scale works by telling you how many are made for the pre-order price, it also means you know the rarity of what you are pre-ordering. But most importantly, the more units that are pre-ordered means a more affordable toy line for all.

Another aspect this line will incorporate is our community talent. While we already have a lot of amazing talent interested in working on this concept, we also want fan involvement. So if your dream is to help create toys, this could be a chance to show the world what you are capable of.

Fans know what fans want and it only makes sense to use fan input from start to finish. This is a line of action figures that will be for our fan base, and it represents a big part of what Power-Con is about. We will have more about this in the near future. For now, we’d like to hear your early impressions of the line, and start getting feedback that can contribute to the initial polling.

Thank you for your time and support. Please stay safe and we hope you and yours are doing well. We’re looking forward to September 11 & 12, 2021!