Teaser: Power-Con 2023 exclusive from Formo Toys

Say hello to the fourth teaser for our Power-Con 2023 exclusives: the Legends of Dragonore 3-Pack from Formo Toys

Legends of Dragonore is a new and exciting line of 5.5” action figures designed to look like those found in the toy isles and toy chests of the 1980s. When action figures were simpler… yet full of creativity and fun!

The heroic leader Barbaro and the evil magician Oskuro take on alternative forms in their battle for ultimate power. And at the center of it all is the Divine Armor of Power, embodying a new level of energy desired by the most powerful beings alive.

This is just a teaser of these incredible figures. Stay tuned for more details about this 3-Pack and all things Power-Con.