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Teaser: Power-Con 2023 exclusive Spencer Powers from Major Bendies

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Say hello to the seventeenth and FINAL teaser for our Power-Con 2023 exclusives: Spencer Powers, AKA Pixel Dan, from Major Bendies

This is a special item for us. If you are a toy collector, then odds are you know of “Pixel Dan” Eardley. If so, we think you’ll understand why this is such a fun exclusive.

Pixel Dan has been a supporter of Power-Con from day one, and has attended every single convention. More importantly, Dan has been a positive voice in the world of collecting for around 15 years. He started as a toy reviewer, and has become a toy historian and now a published author. He has actively showcased the entertainment to be found in toys, and has inspired both children and adults to pursue the joy of collecting.

Outside of the world of toys, Dan is also a long-time indy wrestler known as “The Spotlight” Spencer Powers. Powers has wrestled for over 20 years with New Midwest Wrestling and then the Pinfall Wrestling Association out of Springfield, Illinois. He has been both a solo act and has tag-teamed in Attitude Inc., comprised of Powers and his partner Guy Smith (Jarin McCaffrey).

This is the first time Spencer Powers has been immortalized in toy form. And the fantastic team behind Major Bendies are the ones who made it happen! This was an opportunity to combine toys, wrestling, the spirit of Power-Con, and the heart of collecting into one figure.

Done in a style similar to vintage 5″ bendy wrestling figures. This is a chance to pre-order a very limited Major Bendies figure and have Pixel Dan sign it directly.

This is just a teaser of this incredible figure. Stay tuned for more details about this exclusive and all things Power-Con.

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