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A look back at Power-Con 2019

Get a glimpse of what made Power-Con so amazing in 2019! If you love He-Man and She-Ra, be sure to join us August 8 & 9, 2020 in Anaheim, California for an even bigger celebration of Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power!
Pre-sale details for tickets, exclusives, and more coming soon…
Directed by Daniel Benedict

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Power-Con 2019 – He-Man in Space: The New Adventures of He-Man Animated Series

Hot on the heels of Mattel’s 1989 He-Man toyline, the New Adventures of He-Man animated series debuted in 1990 and took He-Man and Skeletor on bold new science fiction adventures set on the planet Primus. Don’t miss this insightful panel with the original creators behind the Jetlag cartoon series.
Featuring: J Larry Carroll, Francis Moss, Jack Olesker
Moderator: Jon Kallis
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

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Power-Con 2019 – Heroic Masters of Packaging Art

One of the defining characteristics of Masters of the Universe was its striking packaging artwork, which captured the imaginations of children around the world. Listen to the stories of legendary artists as they outline what goes into capturing your attention with amazing illustrations.
Featuring: Errol McCarthy, Rudy Obrero, Nate Baertsch, Axel Gimenez
Moderator: Brian Charles Rooney
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

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Power-Con 2020 dates & what you can expect at the show!

Let the power return! Power-Con, THE destination event for fans of He-Man and She-Ra, will be returning to Anaheim, California on the weekend of August 8th & 9th, 2020. The convention will once again be held in the Hilton Anaheim, and will be even bigger and better than before. More exhibitors, more guests, and more surprises than you can shake a Sword of Power at!

Power-Con has the honor of working directly with Mattel, who has a lot in store for the Most Powerful Brand in the Universe. And Mattel wants fans to know that Power-Con will be THE place for an early look at new product, content, and news about the Masters of the Universe movie. That’s right, He-Fans! News about the He-Man MOVIE!

And what’s better than a new movie? How about a new movie AND a new cartoon? 2019 saw the surprise announcement at Power-Con of the upcoming He-Man cartoon on Netflix from showrunner Kevin Smith. So you better believe Power-Con 2020 will give fans a look at new animated Masters of the Universe content!

What about toys? Well, you’re in luck. Fans everywhere have enjoyed seeing She-Ra return to toy aisles with product based on the new DreamWorks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon. And He-Fans everywhere will also rejoice to soon see He-Man and the Masters back on the shelves with the upcoming Origins line! And at Power-Con, attendees will be able to get their hands on limited-edition toys reimagined from the past, as well as exclusive early-access to new collectibles.

2020 is the start of the mass resurgence of Masters of the Universe. And Power-Con 2020 is going to celebrate this powerful new beginning! But 2020 isn’t just about He-Man. It also marks the 35th anniversary of She-Ra: Princess of Power. And She-Ra fans will not be disappointed. Mattel plans to honor She-Ra’s 35th anniversary in a special way at Power-Con.

Do you want more? Of course you do! But, we can’t give away ALL the teasers just yet! The only other thing we can tell you for now is that you DON’T want to miss out on Power-Con 2020.

Thanks to fans across the globe, Power-Con started strong in 2011 and has grown with every passing year. And Mattel plans to help celebrate your fandom with news and releases of products, comics, collectibles, entertainment, and exciting new content. Hotel room reservations, ticket sale info, and details on exclusive pre-orders is coming soon. So start making your plans because we want to see you at Power-Con on August 8th & 9th, 2020 in Anaheim, California! By the Power of Grayskull, YOU have the power!

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