BigBadToyStore link to pre-order exclusive book combo

The Toy Guide is due to be released this April 27th and Power-Con will have the Toy Guide AND the exclusive Character Guide Supplemental in-hand around that time! We will begin shipping once the books arrive.

The Power-Con exclusive combo of the Toy Guide and the Character Guide Supplemental is the only way the team who made these books will get compensated. The Supplemental is not planned to be reprinted and we do not know if it will get a digital release.
The price for the combo on BBTS is $119.99 plus S/H,
and the price for the combo on Power-Con is $90.00 plus S/H.

Power-Con is still the better price for USA orders,
but international fans may want to pre-order at BBTS. Even with BBTS’s higher price for the combo, their combined price of the combo and international shipping might save money for international fans.

Click here to pre-order through Power-Con,
and click here to pre-order through BBTS.

If you want just the Toy Guide, US fans can click here to pre-order it on Amazon. But please note the creative team only gets compensated if you order the combo. So we hope you will consider pre-ordering that instead.
No matter what, thank you for your support of these books and of Power-Con!

Update on Exclusive Book Combo – International Shipping

The MOTU Toy Guide by Pixel Dan is due out from Dark Horse this April 27, 2021. We should have our exclusive combo in-hand around the same time, after which we will begin shipping. That exclusive combo includes the toy guide and an exclusive supplemental edition that expands upon the existing Dark Horse MOTU Character Guide & World Compendium. This supplemental is not planned to be reprinted, and we do not know if a digital copy will ever be offered.

Copies still remain for pre-order. One reason for that may be the international shipping which is quite expensive. Because of that, we’ve been actively trying to find a way to help international fans save on shipping. And we’re happy to say we have found a solution in the way of a partnership with BigBadToyStore.

BBTS will sell each combo for $119.99 versus our $90.00. But as a volume seller, they are able to offer much cheaper international shipping rates than we can which means your total price is lower.
Some comparison examples of the pre-order price including S/H:
Canada: $155.18 (USPS Priority) at BBTS versus $168.35 (USPS Priority) at Power-Con
Germany: $157.71 (DHL eCommerce) at BBTS versus $175.57 (USPS Priority) at Power-Con
Australia: $177.18 (USPS Priority) at BBTS versus $209.35 (USPS Priority) at Power-Con

We realize that every dollar counts. Therefore, we will be reaching out in the next week to all international fans who placed orders to see if you would like a refund so you can instead pre-order from BBTS.

For domestic fans here in the United States we will not be reaching out to you because our total S/H is about $20.00 cheaper than BBTS. But if you would still like a refund because you prefer to pre-order from BBTS, please contact us before April 27th to get a refund.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the book combo yet, you might want to consider doing so sooner than later! While we cannot make any guarantees, almost all Power-Con exclusives go on to be worth more than the original purchase price. As an example, take a look at the 2020 MOTU Origins 5-Pack and She-Ra figures currently on eBay. The Dark Horse books also tend to sell for more when they go out of print, and this supplemental is far more limited than any of the previous books. So if you want a rare item that also supports the creative team who helped make these books, please consider pre-ordering your exclusive combo today before they are gone.

Click here to pre-order on our Shopify account.
And we will have the BBTS pre-sale link soon for those of you who prefer to pre-order from them!

Power-Con COVID-19 Questionnaire

We here at Power-Con are hopeful that efforts to combat COVID-19 are successful. We long for the day when we can all join together in person to have fun and celebrate He-Man and She-Ra. But your safety is important and we will follow government guidelines when putting on an in-person event.

While we wait to find exactly what the future will hold for in-person events, we have put together a COVID-19 related questionnaire that we would like you to participate in. And as an additional way of showing our thanks for your input, you can provide your contact info for a chance to receive a free set of the 2020 Power-Con MOTU Origins exclusives.

The poll closes Sunday, February 14th at 11:59pm.
Please click here to participate, and we appreciate your feedback!

All Power-Con exclusives shipped & an update on Power-Con 2021

Good news! All Power-Con exclusive orders are officially out the door and in the hands of the USPS. If you have not received your shipment yet, you should receive it soon. We’re very grateful for your patience and understanding as we got everything packed with care and sent your way.

BUT… some of you who had a shipment mailed out a while ago are concerned about the lack of tracking updates. And we don’t blame you. The tracking for some of you has not shown any movement for weeks. Unfortunately, many people are experiencing the same thing. There are shipping hubs and major cities where the USPS is still backed up from the massive December backlog of packages. If you do a Google search for “when will the USPS be caught up” you will find numerous recent news articles about what is going on. So if your package has been sitting at a location for a while, or is still at a port waiting to ship out for international delivery, then then backlog is most likely the reason. But we don’t feel there is a reason to worry and we’re hoping all packages will be on their way in the near future. And you are always welcome to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns!

We’re also getting a lot of inquiries about the plans for Power-Con 2021. We are actively working on those plans right now. From a new website in development, to a more expansive virtual experience, to plans for a live show (we have ALL of our fingers crossed for that), we are deep in the planning and development stages for the convention. As soon as we have information, we’ll be sure to post it online. Until then, please keep checking this website, our social media accounts, or sign up to our mailing list (which we strongly recommend) so you don’t miss any Power-Con updates. And mark your calendars for Power-Con on September 11 & 12, 2021!