Power-Con: The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Collectibles Experience
FREE Online Event – August 8 & 9, 2020
In-Person Event – September 11 & 12, 2021

2021 In-person event located at the
Hilton Anaheim hotel
777 West Convention Way
Anaheim, California 92802, USA

If you need hotel reservations, please click here to check out Hotel section on this site.
NOTE: Hotel reservations have not yet begun for 2021. Please check back for more info at a later date.

2021 In-person event hours:
Saturday, September 11th: 10am to 6pm
Sunday, September 12th: 10am to 5pm
See our Programming for a more specific timeline. Panel programming will be revealed prior to the convention

Attendee, Exhibitor, Volunteer, and Press online registration will be announced at a later date. Check back regularly for updates.
Non-discounted day passes will be available the days of the show.

2021 IN-PERSON EVENT PASSES (currently not for sale):
Day passes (Saturday or Sunday): $25.00 each, discounted online until Thursday, September 9th, $30.00 each at the door
Weekend passes: $40.00 each, only available online, sales end Thursday, September 9th
Power Passes: $275.00 each* extremely limited; only available online
Click here to purchase passes to Power-Con.

Children under the age of 12 may enter the show for free, but must be accompanied by a ticketed parent or guardian, 18 years or older. This is the same general access granted by Saturday, Sunday, or Weekend passes.

SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone you pre-ordered our 2020 exclusives.

• TBD – check back at a later date for more information.

Parking is available for guests at the Hilton Anaheim for a self-parking rate of $21.00 per vehicle per day with in-and-out privileges, and a valet rate of $26.00 per vehicle per day with in-and-out privileges. Since the parking deck is owned by the city, there are no event discounts, and no in-and-out privileges for non-hotel guests. There are other parking options nearby that may be more cost effective, including other hotels and the parking deck for the Anaheim Convention Center.

Guests will be revealed on a regular basis as the convention draws closer. Panel programming will be revealed prior to the convention.

Click here for Attendee Q&A.
Click here for Non-Attendee Q&A.
Click here for the General Q&A.
Click here to read our Convention Policies.


Check back later for the 2021 Attendee FAQ.


Q. I had previously pre-purchased 2020 tickets and/or exclusives. What will happen with my order due to the postponement to 2021? A. We have made an attempt to contact all Attendees. The due date to let us know if you wanted to have your Attendee order shipped was June 7th. All Attendee orders not being shipped have been refunded in full.

Q. I purchased a plane ticket to come for the 2020 event. What do I do about my airfare? A. This is one aspect with which we unfortunately cannot assist. But depending on the nature of your reservation, most airlines are offering refunds or the ability to rebook with no change fees.
Please contact your airline immediately to make arrangements. And if it might help, please click here to read an article on Airfare Watch Dog that outlines many of the flight waiver and refund policies airlines have in place due to the COVID-19 situation.

Q. When will the exclusives ship for Non-Attendees? A. UPDATED AUGUST, 2020: We have been notified that the Non-Attendee exclusives should arrive to both our shipping location in the USA and to BigBadToyStore some time in November, 2020. We will post a notice if we learn there will be a delay in the shipment due to circumstances beyond our control. One they are in-hand, all items should be shipped out to customers within 4 weeks (meaning, we plan to have them all out the door and on their way to you before December 31, 2020). This does not account for transit times by USPS. Please keep in mind we’re a fan-supported operation and we can’t ship as fast as big companies. So we want to be up front about planned dates and shipping times.
BigBadToyStore’s shipping times are outlined by them on their own website.

Q. As a Non-Attendee, how many of each exclusive can I order? A. You can purchase up to 3 of each MOTU Origins exclusives from Power-Con, per order. All other items (like shirts and pins) have no limit per order.
BigBadToyStore determines their own limits. Pins and apparel will not be available from BigBadToyStore

Q. I’m a Non-Attendee and I really want your souvenir t-shirts or your other exclusives only available to Attendees. Is there any way at all for me to purchase those? A. For 2020, we are allowing Non-Attendees to order souvenir t-shirts. We have not done this in previous years. But, we are giving it a go due to popular demand. If it works out, we will continue this for future shows. This are not available from BigBadToyStore.

Q. I am not interested in the 5-pack or She-Ra, and would like to order one or more of the other items (pins & apparel) but it won’t let me. Is there any way to order them? A. Unfortunately, no. These are add-ons that can only be purchased if you also pre-order one or more of the 5-Pack or She-Ra toy exclusives. Our apologies!

Q. Do I need to register an account to pre-order my tickets, passes, exclusives? A. No. Everything is done via an online shopping cart. You do not need to have a prior registered ID to login like you do at some of the really large conventions.
If you order from BigBadToyStore, please review their order process on their website.

Q. How much will shipping/handling be on the exclusives for Non-Attendees? A. For USA orders, we are using USPS Priority shipping. For international shipments, the size and weight of the order will determine if it is shipped via International First Class or Priority International. All orders will also include a small handling fee to cover shipping supplies and packing labor. Also, all orders will include insurance. Rates will be shown in the online shopping cart while placing a pre-order. If you are purchasing multiple items, you’ll see the shipping rate shown with only one of the items in your cart. For international packages, this price does not include any customs/VAT charges you have to pay, if charged to you by your country. Shipping and handling IS expensive. We only ship once a year and do not have access to shipping discounts. We apologize for this but the total shipping and handling charge is beyond our control.
BigBadToyStore determines their own shipping and handling charges.

Q. Do I have any way to order the exclusives other than through Power-Con’s website? A. At this point, all available stock has been pre-sold to fans. Any product that remained at the end of the pre-sale has already been claimed by resellers. If you have not purchased the exclusives, BigBadToyStore or the aftermarket are your only ways to purchase them.

Q. I saw during checkout there is a questionnaire that lets me enter a different shipping address, which I filled out. But, when I got my receipt, it only showed my billing address. Is something wrong? A. Nope, you have nothing to worry about. The questionnaire responses do not show up on your receipt. But rest assured, if you entered a shipping address in the answer to that questionnaire, it was recorded into your order. Still, if it would make you feel more at ease to write us and verify, we completely understand and you are more than welcome to contact us.

Q. What happens if my shipping address changes before the figures ship, and I need to update that information? A. If your shipping address changes at some point after you place your order, don’t worry. We will reach out to everyone about a week or two prior to shipping the figures to check for shipping address updates. Make sure e-mails from Power-Con aren’t being filtered into your Junk or Spam folder!
If you order through BigBadToyStore, you will need to work with them for any address updates.

Q. I see on my completed Non-Attendee order that my items say “Will Call.” But I need these shipped to me. Is something wrong with my order? A. Nope, everything is perfectly fine! We can only mark passes and items as “Will Call” or “Print at Home” because it’s a ticketing system and they deal mostly with tickets. But have no worries. All Non-Attendee items WILL be shipped to you, so please ignore any “Will Call” designations on your receipt.

Q. Does the shipping for Non-Attendee exclusives include tracking? A. All Non-Attendee orders will have trackable shipping. This tracking number should be e-mailed to you, via the e-mail address on file with your order, soon after the order has shipped. You will be able to check that tracking at USPS. With that said, it is completely up to the courier to scan the tracking barcode during transit and update the system. Even though mistakes sometimes happen, there should still be a point of origin/received scan at the Post Office to show you the package has been mailed.

Q. Can I insure my Non-Attendee order? A. All Non-Attendee orders automatically come with insurance, to protect against damages caused during transit.
BigBadToyStore determines their own insurance options.


Q. Is the Power-Con website a secure site?
A. The Power-Con site is secured by HTTPS, and the Purple Pass ticket widget that we use for sales on the site is also secure. Any order you place goes through that widget and is a secure transaction.

Q. What are the production numbers of the exclusives?
A. We are unable to provide any information in regards to production numbers, quotas, etc. Just know they are limited, and almost all past Power-Con exclusives have held or increased their value.

Q. Why are the exclusives a fixed quantity for 2020 and not made-to-order?
A. Exclusives produced through Mattel are done so with fixed quantities. Once this quantity runs out, no more exclusives will be available. So be sure to order as soon as possible once pre-sales begin.

Q. Do we have to pay sales tax or customs on our tickets, access pass, exclusives?
A. The prices you see are the final prices after all taxes and fees have been factored into the price. If you are a Non-Attendee and your shipment will be received outside of the United States, you are responsible for any and all customs charges/taxes/duties/etc that occur when you receive your shipment.

Q. Do the exclusives come with any additional accessories that are not pictures?
A. Please note that the product you see here is not final, and subject to change including, but not limited to, accessories, colors, and details.

Q. Will there be customer service stock of the exclusives in case people get figures that are somehow incomplete, broken, or painted incorrectly and then need replacements?
A. If you received an item that contains a severe factory error or defect, you can contact us within 30 days of delivery to discuss it. BUT as a general policy, do to the limited nature of the items, the exclusives are sold as-is and are non-refundable. So do not pre-order the exclusives if you are not comfortable with that risk. All sales are final.


Code of Conduct
Power-Con provides a fun, safe and harassment-free convention experience for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, body size, national origin, or religion. Attendees must adhere to commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. We will not tolerate harassment of anyone or offensive behavior in any form. Convention participants violating these rules may be expelled from Power-Con without refund and, depending on the severity of the violation, may face criminal punishment and/or civil liability.

All participants of Power-Con should not display goods or wear outfits that are over-sexualized or contain depictions of extreme violence. In addition, exhibitors and guests should not use images or material at their booth or table that surpass a PG-13 rating.

If you are being harassed or feel your safety is at risk, or if you witness someone violating this policy, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the Power-Con staff (who can be identified with a yellow Staff badge) or a Power-Con volunteer (who can be identified with a green Volunteer badge). If necessary, we will involve security or local law enforcement, and/or we will do what is within our power to assist those experiencing harassment so they feel safe for the duration of the convention.

Always wear your badge or wristband! You will need your badge or wristband to attend any Power-Con events during regular show hours. Always keep your badge and wristband visible. If you are asked to show your badge or wristband, and photo ID, please do so. Badges and wristbands are nontransferable. Do not give your badge or wristband to a friend or to people outside the event when you leave Power-Con. Random ID checks are possible, so make sure you have your badge or wristband, and photo ID available.

Bag Check
For the additional safety of all Power-Con participants, a bag check will be implemented at the Costume Prop & Bag Check. This may apply to any or all Power-Con participants, and random floor checks may also occur. Any participant who refuses to cooperate with police, security, or Power-Con staff & volunteers about a bag check will be expelled from Power-Con without refund.

Stroller Check
For safety reasons and due to guidelines from the fire marshal, strollers will not be allowed in the Power-Con show room or in the panel room. Power-Con will offer a Stroller Check free-of-charge where you can store your stroller during the show. Attendees found in the show room or in the panel room with these items will be asked to leave and store or check the stroller. The Stroller Check is located inside the main entrance leading to the show room.

Costume Props
NO functional props or weapons are allowed at Power-Con. ALL costume props and weapons must be inspected at the Costume Prop & Bag Check located immediately inside the main entrance after badge/wristband check. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security.

• All costume props and weapons must conform to state and federal law.
• Projectile costume props and weapons must be rendered inoperable.
• Functional arrows must have their tips removed and be bundled and zip-tied to a quiver.
• Costume swords and costume “bladed-weapons / spiked-weapons” must be stored on your person.
• Costumes featuring stilts must be approved at Costume Prop & Bag Check.
• Due to crowds and safety issues, people in oversized costumes may be asked to leave the show room for a period of time.

Police, security, or Power-Con staff and volunteers reserve the right to spot-check costume props or weapons in the show room.

If you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume props or weapons to Power-Con.

Handcarts, Trolleys, Rolling Luggage, Bicycles, Scooters, and Hoverboards
For safety reasons, handcarts, trolleys, and rolling luggage will not be allowed into the Power-Con show room or the panel room. Attendees found in the show room or in the panel room with these items will be asked to leave the show room. You may check these items at the Stroller Check located inside the main entrance leading to the show room. Bicycles, scooters, and hoverboards are not allowed at Power-Con, including inside the Hilton Anaheim.

Power-Con does not allow pets or emotional support animals into the event but does allow for the admission of SERVICE animals. Even if your service animal is wearing an ID identifying them as a service animal, you may still be stopped by police, security, or Power-Con staff or volunteers to provide proof that the animal has been certified, trained, or licensed as a service animal. Power-Con has the right to expel an attendee and their service animal if the service animal disrupts the event or poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others.

No handing out of anything, including fliers, stickers, cards, or any promotional item, is allowed at Power-Con, except from within a table or booth in the Power-Con show room.

Sitting in the show room or in entrance ways
By order of the fire marshal, sitting on the main show room floor or entrance ways is not allowed. Lounges are located on the first floor of the Hilton Anaheim and behind the escalators of the second floor foyer for your convenience.

Smoking, including E-cigarettes and vaping products
The Hilton Anaheim is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted within the hotel building itself. Guests who smoke are permitted to do so outside of the hotel’s main entrance on the promenade walkway located between the Hilton Anaheim and the Anaheim Marriott, or on the 5th floor on the Sunset Deck or the Lanai Deck.

Recording & live-streaming during panels and on the convention show floor
No video recording or live-streaming is allowed during panels! But photography during panels is permitted, unless instructed otherwise. It is okay to film/interview/photograph/otherwise record on the convention floor for broadcast, but only with verbal consent/assent or written permission of those you are filming/interviewing/otherwise recording. Please respect the wishes of any guests, attendees, and/or exhibitors in this regard. It is your responsibility to get permission from anyone you film or photograph.