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Jim Mitchell

Jim Mitchell was a productive penciller for the Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power mini-comics that came with the Mattel toy packages in the 1980s.

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Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is the former Creative Director at LJN Toys, who also did freelance packaging and fashion design for Barbie. But He-Man fans know her best for her labels and stickers on various Mattel “Boys Toys” including the stickers adorning…

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Dave Wilkins

Dave Wilkins is a popular artist who worked on the recent run of Masters of the Universe comic books from DC Comics. Continuing with the popularity of the property, there will be a Wilkins variant cover for the first issue…

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Tom Tataranowicz

Tom Tataranowicz was a storyboard artist on Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power. In addition, he directed on She-Ra. Popular episodes that Tataranowicz contributed to are fan favorites such as "The Problem with…

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