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Ken Coleman

Coleman is an Irish mixed-media artist combining fine art training with photography, traditional sculpture, and digital techniques. He has contributed official art to the BattleTech game. Coleman's design was used for the Mark Taylor Castle Grayskull released by a third…

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Kim Simmons

Kim Simmons was one of the original photographers for the Star Wars toy line. Simmons is responsible for some of the most iconic and memorable promotional and packaging imagery from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Simmons has also photographed…

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Matt Tyree

Matt Tyree has lent his talent to the toy and collectible world for over twenty years. From concepts to packaging, coloring books to comic books, lunchboxes to apparel, during that time his artwork has appeared in a myriad of applications.…

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Nathan Baertsch

Nathan Baertsch is a painter, designer, and concept artist. He has worked on multiple toy lines for companies like Mattel, Four Horsemen, Super7, and Creative Beast Studio. His art has been featured on a lot of fan-favorite packaging, including the…

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